Wachovia Bank Routing Number

When you open a checking account at any bank you should receive a routing number however many people may not fully understand the Wachovia routing number. When you are looking at your checks for your bank account you will notice that are two sets of numbers on the bottom left hand side. These numbers are typically the routing number and the checking account number which are read from to left to right just like any other set of numbers.

Many people may not know that the routing numbers that are given so that companies will know what bank you use for your checking account. These numbers not only identify the bank itself, they also identify the state that your bank is located in. If you use a popular bank such as Wachovia, there are many states that may have this bank and this is where this set of numbers become useful.

Different Wachovia banks have different routing numbers as there is no universal Wachovia routing number. If for some reason you may find a need to have your banks routing number you should contact a representative at your local bank as this might be the only way that you are able to receive your particular banks routing number.

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Without banks having routing numbers, it would be harder to pay your bills by check as it would take longer to pay your bills because once payment is received they would have to go through a process of elimination on banks.

Your Wachovia routing number will be nine numbers in length and each number may have its own meaning. One number may represent your state while another number represents your type of account, whether it is checking, savings, or line of credit account. While it is possible to open an account in one state and do business with that account in another state, the routing number will tell the bank exactly what state you opened your bank account in.

Your Wachovia routing number can tell a lot about your bank account and it makes it easier for you to pay your bills and purchase items from stores when paying by check. Sadly more and more people have resorted to paying bills by debit cards as this means that you do not have to memorize as many numbers however there are still some business such as some rental companies that do not accept debit cards and when you pay your rent by check the check will be able to go through your bank quicker by way of the routing numbers.

When you decide to open a new bank account you may look at the checks you receive and wonder what all the numbers on the bottom are. The first set of numbers on the bottom left hand corner is your Wachovia bank routing number and the second set is your bank account number. These numbers are the most essential part of the whole check as these numbers are what will enable your check to reach the right bank and bank account.

Routing numbers hold many different purposes such as identifying the bank in which the check was issued for as well as what state the bank is located in. When you decide to use a bank that has many different locations in a wide variety of states, these numbers become even more important as they help route the check that was written to the correct bank.

If, for some reason, you do not have a check on hand and need to know your routing number you should consider contacting your local bank branch as every bank branch has its own routing number. Since there is no universal routing number for banks it would not benefit you to contact just any branch representative as each bank may not know the other banks routing numbers.

With as many companies that do not accept checks there are just as many that do and for those that do the routing numbers are important. All bank routing numbers consistent of nine numbers that have different meanings. Without these numbers printed on the check it would be harder for the company that accepted the check to receive the actual payment.

Once the Wachovia bank routing number has directed your check to the correct bank, your bank’s accountants will then rely on your checking account number so that they can process the check to correct account. After the check has been applied to your account the bank will then send off payment to the company in which you wrote the check to.

As you can see, the Wachovia bank account number is one the most important numbers located on the front of the check. The downside to writing checks is that it takes a lot longer for many companies to receive payment which is why many companies have stopped accepting checks. However for the many companies that do accept checks, they rely on the banks routing number so that they can process the check and be able to properly receive the payment.

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